Rockport Art Association is a Local Gem

The Rockport Art Association is a Favorite Rockport Attraction

The Rockport Art Association is truly a local gem and well worth a visit on your next trip to Rockport. The RAA is located at 12 Main Street directly in the center of downtown.

At The RAA, there is something for everyone. Oils, watercolors, sketches abound. The works are presented in a serene, relaxing environment.

Don’t let the Rockport Art Association building fool you from the outside. The RAA has an expansive building, with plenty of space for exhibitions. The RAA also rents its facilities for weddings and functions Contact them for more details.

You will find the staff is always friendly, helpful and courteous. The staff is eager to assist for any questions or inquiries about the purchase of art.

If you are a regular visitor to Rockport on vacation or daytrips, you will find a variety of exhibitions that run at the various times of year. Check with the RAA calendar to learn more. There is something different each time you visit.

Art is a foundation of Rockport, and has a rich history. The Rockport Art Association is one of the oldest and most active art organizations in the country. The Association has a renowned history spanning 95 years. Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the RAA each year. The association has grown consistently through its history and currently includes approximately 250 artist & photography members, along with hundreds of contributing members.

Whether you come for a seasonal vacation rental or cottage rental, or just a daytrip, the RAA is a must see!